Share+ is a very powerful & highly customisable social sharing jquery plugin which creates a new social sharing experience for your site users. It comes with five pre made themes which allows for high customisability with the power of CSS. Replace the long list of unusable sharing buttons on your webpage with a neat, simple and organised sharing experience.

Made with the latest technology - Powered by jQuery, supports HTML5 and it made with pure CSS3 (Yep, even the background stripes. Everything except the icons and the share+ sticker on the left is made with pure CSS3. You can also easily replace the sticky button with the included PSD file). Incredibly easy to modify and future proof!

Share+ uses the jQuery framework and works client side. So you can use it on static and dynamic webpages. Add it to your site in seconds by including the theme CSS stylesheet, a javascript file and a single line of code. . Share+ supports all the major social networks - including facebook, twitter, pinterst, digg, delicious, yahoo, email, fav, print, live, stumbleupon, orkut, tumblr, linkedin, myspace, evernote, bebo, technorati, reddit, newsvine, mixx, netvibes, google+ and you can add your own!

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How to

Add it to your site in a few easy steps. Below you will find the documentation of everything you need to know about how to add it to any page and how to customise it according to your needs.

1) Include files

Firstly include/link to jQuery and share+ script in your HTML. You can either add this in the head section or before the closing tag of body.

Include the stylesheet of the theme you wish to use with share+ in the head section.

<script src=""></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<link rel="stylesheet" href="">

2) Configure

Add the share+'s configuration code after/below where you have included the share+ script.


3) Done!

You're done! Because you have not added any extra configuration to script, all the default settings apply.

<a href="javascript:void(0);" class="shareplus">Share this page</a>

So you should see the sticky button on the left and when you click that hit should open share+ and you can also make it open by adding 'shareplus' as class to any anchor so share+ will open when it is clicked. Example: Share this page


Make it your own by just making a few changes… To change the style and design of share+, just include the theme's stylesheet in your page. You can change colour and the complete look of it by just making a few changes in the stylesheet. Looking to change the share button floating on the left? I have included the PSD file of the image which makes it incredibly easy to change and design your own image. For everything else, add your setting in the share+ script settings like the following...

Basic customisations

		height: '130px',

		speedIn: 400, // fadeIn speed
		speedOut: 600, // fadeOut speed

		displayTitle: true, // true or false
		title: "Share & Bookmark", // shareplus box title

		sharetitle: "Share Plus", // sharing page's title
		shareurl: "", // URL to share

		icons: "facebook,twitter,google,digg,delicious,stumble,tumblr,linkedin,live,myspace,bebo,email",
		targetBlank: true, // open link in new tab? true or false

		fbLikebox: true, // display facebook like box? true or false
		fbAction: "recommend", // like or recommend?
		fbcolorscheme: "light", // light or dark

		tweets: true, // diaplay tweet button? true or false
		tweetText: "Check out this URL",
		tweetVia: "danielpaul94", // via twitter account
		twitterRelated: "danielpaul94", // related twitter account
		tweetButton: "Tweet!",

		pin: true,	// enable pin button?
		pinMedia: "", // URL of media to pin

		gplus: true, // display Google Plus one button? true or false

		ga:  true, // use Google Analytics to track social sharing?

		sticker: false, // display share sticker?
		stickerAlign: 'right' // left or right?

Advanced functions before and after each event of share+

		open: function(){
			alert('staring to open');
		}, // function to activate when open is started
		opened: function(){
			alert('share plus opened');
		}, // function to activate when it is opened

		exit: function(){
			alert('starting to close');
		}, // function to activate when exit is starting
		exited: function(){
			alert('share plus closed');
		} // function to activate when it has exited

Opening and closing Share+ with javascript functions.

// this will open share+
// this will close share+

These functions can be called from anywhere. For example when the page loads.


Design Choose the design that suits your site the best. Here are a few themes that are available at the moment. I will be working on more and will be releasing them in the coming updates. Stay tuned...

default theme
paper theme
clean theme
simple theme
Facebook theme

Customer Reviews & Support

Absolutely brilliant – does what it says on the tin. :)


This is an amazing code. It does exactly what it should and is a great add on to any page, plus Daniel’s service is one of the best in the business. Thank you very much for all of your help Daniel. It is now running great.


I purchased this plugin hoping it would provide a simple solution to adding a page sharing facility. Guess what? It works brilliantly and I absolutely love the design and simplicity. Great support too. Thanks heaps for a first class product.


Thanks Daniel, it’s my one of the best purchase!


It does what it says brilliantly, thank you very much for this great plugin…

Keep up the good work.


Best $10 I’ve spent in a long time. It took all of 30 seconds to install SharePlus on my site and it’s working beautifully. Thanks!


truly exquisite new social experience

Miguel Salazar Velásquez

thanks for sharing this. gave it a 5 star before i download :)


Fantastic plugin and support.


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